Yerevan Press Club։ a Quarter of a Century in Action

Much can be remembered in retrospect, but not today. Today is a day of celebration. Not a word about deeds.

Let us just note that in all our endeavors we remained committed to the declared values and principles, tried to endorse them in the areas we worked, and were unselfishly happy when we succeeded.

Thanks to everyone who has shared successes with us over the years and has helped us through failures without losing hope for the future!

Congratulations to all for whom the date of YPC establishment, July 18, 1995, has special significance!

Needless to say, we imagined our 25th birthday celebrations in a completely different way. We only wish that the future birthdays were celebrated without barriers for the most daring plans and dreams.

We have still got a long way to go together! Happy Anniversary!

July 18, 2020