Yerevan Press Club։ a Quarter of a Century in Action

Much can be remembered in retrospect, but not today. Today is a day of celebration.

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Since September 2019, “Media Ditord” (Media Observer) programme, a product of cooperation of Public TV Company of Armenia, Yerevan Press Club, Media Initiatives Center and Media Ethics Observatory, has been broadcast on the First Channel of Public Television on a weekly basis. The TV project is co-financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) within the framework of “Media for Informed Civic Engagement” Project.

Glossary of Hate Speech in the Media of Armenia and Azerbaijan

Directory of the most common clichés, stereotypes and examples of inaccurate/reasonably questioned information in the media of Armenia and Azerbaijan. For those who seek quality and unbiased coverage of the developments and issues of the region

Respect of Children’s Rights in Broadcast Media of Armenia

YPC Monitoring: analysis of the criteria for children’s rights protection on Armenian TV channels shows that in the majority of cases violations are not deliberate; they are caused by the fact that Armenian media and journalists lack specific knowledge regarding the ethics of coverage of issues related to children and childhood (photo: artwork by Swedish painter Emma Ekwall)

Self-Regulation Initiative: Media Ethics Observatory

Code of Ethics of Armenian Media and Journalists

MEO Guidelines

Recommendations for Armenian Media and Journalists

Journalist’s Library

Specialized publications for working journalists, students and media experts


The members of Yerevan Press Club are accountable for their actions to each other, the YPC Commission on Professional Ethics and Board